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We got the chance to chat with fashion blogger Sage from and see how she styled our “Open Shoulder Terry Dress”! We got to ask her a few questions about her personal style, her fashion blog, and what fashion pieces she currently can’t live without!

 1.Hi Sage! Let’s start off with hearing a little bit about yourself!

Hi! Well…my name is Sage Coralli and I am a personal style blogger based
in Dallas, TX. Although I was born & raised here I spent my first year of
college at Pepperdine University, then transferred and graduated from the
University of Oklahoma. After graduating college I opened a business in
Oklahoma and ran that for 3 years before making my way back home to
Dallas. There’s no place like home!

2. Can you tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start it?

Well, basically…it’s my life. I started this blog just to share my
personal outfits with people. I found myself on many occasions being asked
for style advice and where I got what I was wearing. My older sister knew
I always had a passion for fashion and told me I needed to start a blog as
a creative outlet. I literally googled the phrase “how to start a style
blog” and the rest was history.

I always like to think of my blog as a personal diary that I am willing to
share with the public. Some call it crazy, some totally embrace it. My
blog posts typically consist of a personal outfit or a trend I’m loving at
the moment. However, I also like to share little snippets from my daily
life by writing as if I’m actually having a conversation with my readers.
I am by no means the know all of fashion, so my purpose of blogging isn’t
to show the world how perfectly I can put an outfit together and take
photos wearing it. The purpose of So Sage is to challenge myself by
experimenting with new trends, staying true to myself, and hopefully
inspire others to do the same. I have many own style icons & girl crushes
that I go to for outfit inspiration because sometimes it takes seeing a
look on someone else to feel that it will also work for you. If I can be
that inspiration to others, I feel accomplished!

3.How would you describe your own personal style?

I have always felt that your personal style is a reflection of who you
are. To be extremely cliché, it’s a way to express yourself from the
inside out. I grew up playing every sport you can imagine and was the
ultimate tomboy, so the older I got the more I embraced this. My style is
continuously evolving and has changed so much over the years, but this
will always be a part of who I am and show in my personal style. If I had
to describe my personal style in a few words…..tomboy, edgy,feminine and a
little bit of funk! You can usually find me in a flat shoe or sneaker with
an overall casual vibe, but make no mistake… I love to get glommed up
for a sexy night out with my girls!

4. What’s one fashion trend you are currently obsessed with?

I’m loving the 70’s trend at the moment. All the bohemian inspired pieces,
bell bottoms, chunky platforms, denim, etc. My favorite thing about
personal style is challenging yourself to try out new trends while still
making it your own.

5.What’s some advise to someone that is trying to identify their own
personal style?

Find a style icon (or 5) that really inspire you. Then start compiling
photos of their outfits for inspiration (Pinterest is a always a great
place to start). You will surprisingly start to find a theme in all of
the photos you are compiling and be able to pull descriptive words from
here like ‘edgy’, ’sporty’, ‘feminine’, etc. I also like to tell people
to look at what they have most in their closet…denim, stripes, solids,
brights, neutrals…? There’s a reason you have so much of one thing!
Consider this to be part of your signature look and go from there. For
me, that’s denim. Shocker!!

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You can read her blog post at:

Instagram: @sosageblog | Twitter: @sosageblog

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