How-To: Convertible Romper 5 Ways!

Whether you are suiting up for yet another wedding look for the books or are looking for a night out look, these wrap rompers are about to be your new best friend. Why, you ask? Imagine having one outfit you can reinvent and wear multiple ways! We are going to show you just how easy it can be to transform any twist romper or dress 5 different ways!

Grecian Twist Middle Back

This first twist is always a classic, complete with a plunging neckline, halter appearance and twisted straps in the middle of the back. This can be adjusted to fit any body type, and once the twist is made in the middle of the back, you simply wrap the remaining straps around the waist and tie at the back.

Halter Cross-Back

Perfect for those with a larger bust, this halter neckline is flattering and offers some extra support. Simply criss-cross the straps in the front while providing adequate coverage and criss-cross the straps at the back. Once again, bring the remaining straps around the waist and tie at the back.

One Shoulder Twist

Tap into the coveted one-shoulder trend with this twist technique. Bring both straps to one side (whichever you prefer), with straps open completely to cover bust. Twist straps once over the shoulder as far down as desired and wrap straps separately around the waist and tie to the back. Silicon Nipple Covers or Flower Petals are always a good recommendation for use with these wrap rompers.

Knotted Tank

A more detailed and grecian style is the Knotted Tank. With this technique you will simply knot each strap individually a little under the collar bone. Take each strap and bring to the back, looping around each other once, and bringing the straps back around the waist and tied in the back.

Classic Criss-Cross Back

A classic look with the criss-cross trend, this style is an easy go-to. Widen both straps to cover bust and bring to the back individually. Simply criss-cross the straps at the back and bring around the waist and tie to the back. Remember, there are endless ways to wrap, twist and tie these convertible rompers. And always, don’t forget to pair these dressy favorites with a strappy heel and touch of sparkle.


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