Layering Tutorial

Fall, the perfect season for layering! Layering is considered to be a style that not only helps keep people warm but also levels up the dressing game. On the other hand, layering is a dreadful experience for many because the need for keeping warm often leads to dressing up as an eskimo, a fashion fright indeed! However, do not be frightened by layering! It can be fun and fashionable if few things are kept in mind.
Firstly, to master the layered look, your closet needs to be updated and stocked with a variety of options such as comfortable sweaters, pastel coats, and leather pants. Before proceeding to layering, please proceed to the nearest mall and shop for the essentials!

Winter Clothing
Secondly, do not take the color combinations lightly! Since it is winters, it is natural to choose colors like black, navy blue and gray but pairing them with neutrals and pastels adds to the look. Layering and colors can also be made adventurous by adding abstract prints. Texture can also be played with. A mix of different materials gives a more stylish look.
Warm and chic? Let the coat do the magic trick. A modern winter coat should be invested in because it would make the winter bearable and help you flaunt your layers. Investment in a good shawl is also a good idea because it is easy to carry, it can be removed if the temperature increases and it gives a cozy touch and can easily drape over a cardigan or blazer. For a slimmer body shape, the layers under the coat should be fitted.
Winter and fur seems logical but when layering, do not overdo the fur. A fur coat is essential but jacket style is preferred as it complements the figure and adds to the smart dressing. Furthermore, leather should be embraced. Leather is warm hence a very good option would be edgy leather leggings. These leggings would give a finished look to coats and sweaters and make one look longer and more toned.
When layering, the importance of shoes should not be underestimated. A gorgeous, stylish pair of black boots is a winter necessity. For a more sophisticated look, the pants need to be tucked in the boots hence they should be eye-catchingly elegant.
In conclusion, winter dressing requires effort and thoughtfulness otherwise it does end up as a disaster. Layering, however, if done right can make a huge difference!

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