How to : Smokey Eyes

So with the Fashion Show coming up in just 2 days, a must know how is smokey eyes! They are necessary for the runway! As a licensed cosmetologist (yes I went to beauty school and am licensed for hair & make-up in the state of FL) I think every girl should know how to do smokey eyes! Besides the fashion show they are the perfect look for any night time event. Smokey eyes give you a sexy, mysterious look. It’s very intriguing and glamorous! I love it! Pair is with nude lips and a light blush and you’re set for the night! I am pretty much sporing smokey eyes everyday after 4 πŸ˜‰ Ha ha ha! Also when you think of smokey eyes don’t always assume black. Try out a purple, gray, brown or dark green shade. Feel free to mix it up! Play around and have fun with it! I know you may not get the perfect smokey eye look on your first try, it does take a little bit of practice! So keep at it and keep trying! Make up allows us to create and change our appearance!

First off, here are the tools you will need which you can pick up at Sophie & Trey at GREAT prices!!!

Black and beige eye shadows ($1.99 each)
Black mascara ($1.99)
Black eyeliner pencil ($1.99)
Eyelash curler ($1.99)
A sponge tip applicator ($1.99)
A blending shadow brush ($1.99)
Nude lipstick or lip gloss ($1.99)
Make-up remover (just in case, $3.99)

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial from Kevin Aucoin, who was by far the BEST celebrity make-up artist, for you to help you create the classic yet sexy smokey eye look! I also took pictures of myself as I did each step so you could see! Pardon the towels in the background and it’s not the best photo taking skills lol πŸ˜‰

Step 1. Prepare Lids

If possible, you should remove contact lenses before working on the eye area and put them back in when you’re done.

Use concealer sparingly, followed by loose powder applied with a powder sponge (not velour). (Optional: leave a little powder under the eye, to catch falling shadow.) 

Step 1. Prepare Lids


Step 2. Use Eyeliner

Apply black eyeliner pencil to upper and lower inner eye area. Use the pencil liner from the inner eye corner to the outer. Smudge pencil gently into the lashes. 
Remember you can use jewel-toned colors – line your eyes with a purple, blue or deep green liner.

Step 2. Use Eyeliner

Step 3. Blend & Smokey Effect

Using either a sponge-type applicator or shadow brush (your choice), blend pencil into smoky circle around eye.

Step 3. Color on Bottom Lids

Step 4. Apply Darker Color – Smokey Effect Itself

Then using the eyeshadow applicator, softly retrace penciled area (from lashes outward) with black eyeshadow. The idea is to smoke up the area. Remember to use as little as possible to get the best results.

Next, using the eyeshadow brush, arc into the crease of the eyelid, under and softly outward from the corner. (Concentrate the shadow on the outer half of the eye.)

Step 5. Apply Darker Color – Smoky Effect Itself


Step 5. Light Base Color on Upper Lids

Use beige powder eyeshadow to highlight browbone and eyelid. (You can even sweep a little bit slightly down the side of the nose and under the eye.)

Step 6. Correcting Smoky Eyes

Make sure your eyes match and use a Q-tip, if needed.


Step 7. Apply Volumizing Mascara   

Curl the lashes and apply black mascara. The more coats, the more dramatic!

tep 7. Apply Volumizing Mascara 

 As a bonus…..
Finally, fill in the mouth (using a lip brush) with neutral lip color and dust the cheeks with apricot blush.

So stop by and pick up some make up today and give this a try!! If it’s not right the first time, use some make-up remover and try again! We have some awesome cucumber make-up wipes!! Smell great and work amazing!!!!
2 more days till the show! AH! Love it!
Love, Dani

Behind the Scenes: Fall Fashion Show Fitting

Have you ever wondered what goes into a fashion show? DJ’s set to go, VIP tickets are sold out, outfits are put together and model’s are practicing their struts. I am so excited for Thursday night! We have been preparing and brainstorming for almost 2 months. All day we had our models in and out for their fitting appointments. Who will wear what, which accessories go with which outfit, and what shoes complete each look. It was an awesome day! What is any fashion show about? The clothes! They are drop your jaw stunning! I’m obsessed with everything! There’s sequins, patterns, fur, boots, bright colors, neutrals, sweater dresses, pant suits, chains, and SO MUCH MORE it’s insane!!!! We have definitely gone above and beyond any other show to give you THE BEST trends for fall and to make sure you look hot off the runway everyday!

Here’s a behind the scenes look!

Fittings were held at the Old 4th & Ocean store.


 Victoria’s fitting for her 2 outfits!
LOVE this print!!! Paired with my fave purple tights!!!

 Accessories & shoes finish every look!!!
NO spoiling!! This season is all about patterns, textures and prints! Definitely mixing things up a bit! 
Here’s a sneak peek without the whole picture!You have to come to find out and see it to believe it!

Kristin hard at work and doing her fashion magic and stylish touch on every outfit!

Model mayhem! Trying to manage 14 ladies at once πŸ˜‰ Hahaha

Fittings were a success!

This event is definitely a MUST SEE!!!!!!! You will regret missing out on this! Drinks, food, fun and fashion!!!! Pretty much any girls fantasy!

See you all Thursday at 6:30!!!!!!!

Love, Dani

EXTRA, EXTRA!!! Read all about it…

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! I know I am. Consider today’s post your “Sophie & Trey Sunday Paper”, all the things you need to know!


First off, the FALL FASHION SHOW!!!!

The time is finally here! THURSDAY, NOV 10th 6:30-8:30 outside of Sophie & Trey. There are only 18 VIP Tickets left! For those who don’t know a $30 VIP Ticket gives you – a front row seat for the show, a $20 gift card that can be used at etiher 4th & Ocean or Sophie & Trey, and 3 raffle tickets for the amazing giveaways! Raffle tickets will be sold separately at the show for $2 each. There will be a live DJ, wine, a kid’s fashion pre-show and more! So grab your girl friends or guy and come out! You don’t want to miss this event and seeing the latest fall fashion trends! Everything in the show will be available in the stores!

Secondly, we are starting to have more in store events hosted by us, the Sophie & Trey staff! Our first kick off event is our PRE-BLACK FRIDAY PARTY coming up THURSDAY, NOV 17th!!!! There will be drinks, apps, and special deals every half hour!!!! Plus, you will get one-on-one assistance with our experienced staff and style experts! This is definitely is an event to be at! It’s the perfect ladies night!

*Gift card not to be used with same purchase.

Michelle Stromberg Photography
Michelle Stromberg Photography

Don’t forget we are now ONLINE too!!! You can visit Sophie & Trey’s online store at and 4th & Ocean’s online store at A lot of people have come in asked about something they saw online. The online store’s are exclusive to the web. Items are not available in store but you may purchase them online and do in store pick up for no charge. This is a perfect way for those of you who are local to have an option to shop online and then just run in and grab your stuff when you have time! For those of you who don’t live close the shipping is only $7!!! Can’t beat that! Now no matter where you are you can have your two favorite stores at the click of a keypad! So easy!! So keep checking the website for weekly updates of the new and fierce clothing!


Also a lot of you have been asking who has been taking the photos featured on the blog. Marisol Rodriguez is the photographer. She started her business, Photography by Marisol, last year and has done some local work around Central Florida. You can find her on facebook – Photography by Marisol or contact her through email at She also features samples of her work and info on Model Mayhem and Flickr. Here are some of my personal favorites of work she’s done for the store and for other events. Facebook her or email to book your own fabulous photo shoot or holiday appointment!

Now last but not least…


In addition to starting this new, lovely fashion blog we, Sophie & Trey/4th &Ocean, have also created a new Facebook page (not a friend page) so to help get the word out we are recruiting you and as a reward giving you the chance to win a $50 gift card to be used at either store! It’s as easy as 1…2…3.

Here’s how to win:

1. “LIKE” & SHARE our new combined facebook page – Sophie & Trey/4th & Ocean Page
2.  FOLLOW our blog by email or subscribe to daily posts – Sophie & Trey Blog
3.  POST this link as your staus – – tell them you’re trying to win and to go to the link and leave a COMMENT under a blog post that says  – “your name” referred me.

On MONDAY, NOV 28th I’ll announce the winner and then you can pick up your gift card at Sophie & Trey behind the counter!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all the news you need to know!!!! Have a great Sunday!!!

Love, Dani

Sexy Little Things

So I’m off to a bachelorette party in Daytona! Congrats to the beautiful Melissa Rose! Excited to have some girl time and party the bride! So with a bachelorette celebration comes the lingerie party! Making sure the bride is ready and set to go for the wedding night and honeymoon! :) Oo La La!!! So here are my suggestions from the store for some sexy little things for yourself or a gift!

Hanky Panky’s! Number one on the list by far. I am obsessed!! I have completely replaced all of my underwear with Hanky Panky thongs! I know at $18 a pop you are thinking that is expensive for a pair of panties, but if you are thinking that you obviously haven’t tried them on. I know you’re thinking that thongs are not comfortable, how can these be. They made out of a sheer, stretch lace and are available in low rise and original fit. Hanky Panky’s are the so comfortable, practically invisible and still sexy! They are the next best thing to going commando! Try one and you will buy another.

Available at Sophie & Trey

Another favorite is the lace bandeau’s and lace tube tops. These to me are practical lingerie. I’m not too big on top so there’s not much to push up. In these I feel sexy and confident! Pair the black one with a black Hanky Panky and you’re good to go! These are also just as great as the lace bandeau’s. You can use both styles under any top. If you have an cutout dress that needs a pop or want to cover up your bra strap, throw on one of these and sex it up a little.

Available at Sophie & Trey, in black, gray, and white.

Available at Sophie & Trey, in black/nude & white/nude.

Last but not least are the luxe lace cami’s! I love sleeping in these! They are so soft and fit like a glove. They aren’t tight and uncomfortable. The cami’s move with you, not against you and don’t squeeze you to death. You can wear them as lingerie, a tunic or tank. Available in a variety of colors at 4th & Ocean you can use them to layer in an outfit. They are super cute with jeans and a tank underneath.

Available at 4th & Ocean, in a variety of colors.

For tonight’s events I went with a pair of white Hanky Panky’s and the white/nude lace tube top to give to the bride! All of these are perfect for your everyday life, spice up the night or give as a gift!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, Dani

Casual Friday

So excited for the weekend and even more excited I get to hang out with my niece and nephew all day! Casual Friday and weekend wear here I come! Don’t get me wrong I love getting all decked out in my heels and mini’s but some days it just feels so good to throw on those one pair of jeans you know make your butt look perfect and an oversized, comfy top!

When hunting for jeans you definitely want to get the right size! Remember throughout the day your jeans will stretch a bit and give you a little more room. Also don’t get hung up on size and numbers! So what if you may have to buy the 9 instead of the 7! Wouldn’t you rather have the pair that doesn’t give you a muffin top? I would! No one can see the tag inside that says you bought the bigger size! Cut it out if you want to and it makes you feel better! Also remember some jean brands do run small do being a 7 in one pair may have you being an 8 or 9 in another. Don’t get all stressed out when looking for that great pair of jeans. Shopping is supposed to be fun and enjoyed!

Now we all know what is the number one question you first ask at when trying on a pair of jeans? How does it make my butt look? Ha ha ha! A good fitting jeans has to be comfortable and fit but most important it’s got to make your booty pop! Now I don’t have a butt but I sure like a jean that makes me look like I’ve been doing squats for days! It’s all about the pockets!!! Where the pockets hit you and what the actually pocket is. The pocket’s got to be place right smack on the upper curve or curve of your behind. That brings out the curve making it appear “larger than it seems” and lifted. Just be aware of where the pocket’s fall and that they don’t drag on you. Make your rear a focal point with the glammed up pair of jeans! People will look where there’s sparkle. Have fun in your jeans and dress them up a bit.

Now if you are well endowed in that area then go for a darker wash jean. Darker will hide everything and make you appear smaller in areas. Your pockets should not draw attention if you don’t want attention in that area. So try to keep it simple on the pockets and then your rear won’t be the focal point. Enhance in other ways with the stitching or glitzy front pockets. Those are ways to play down your booty if you think you have “too much”. I wish I had that problem! Ha ha ha. Also when trying on jeans let’s just all agree to squat down a bit or bend over to make sure we don’t have a “plumber look”. No one wants to be embarrassed or have our underwear showing. Wear the right things with your fabulous new jeans!

We have sooooo many options of jeans from low rise to high and skinny to flare for every shape and size! No “mom jeans” are at Sophie & Trey! You will be sure to find a pair that fits you and your hips, butt, thighs….whatever you think your “trouble spot” is.  Be sure to also ask for help! All of our girls are ready, willing and wanting to help you find the jeans that are made for you! So ask for some assistance or an opinion if you’re not sure. We want you to look your best!!!

Photography by Marisol
Photography by Marisol
LOVE these skinny flare jeans from Sophie & Trey only $39.99!! Amazing fit from the front to the back! Jeans are navy and gray small stripes for a little edge. Paired with this skull lace top from 4th & Ocean make this outfit casual rocker chic! 

Photography by Marisol
Photography by Marisol
 How can you not fall head over heels for this soft heart oversized sweater! So comfy and casual cute it will make him fall for you! These jeans are also a skinny flare by Vigoss. They have a button back pocket which gives a lifted look to your tush! πŸ˜‰

Photography by Marisol

Photography by Marisol
Take your look a little retro! This “I heart 70’s” tee is from 4th & Ocean. Perfect without even trying! Rachel has on the long sleeve sequin collar available online at Definitely a fun and flirty way to glam up your normal long sleeve tee this fall season!!! Especially on brisk mornings!
Photography by Marisol

Happy Friday!! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! Make sure to become a follower or follow the blog by email so you don’t miss out on any of our posts!!! Some great stuff coming this weekend and next week, including a contest!!!!! πŸ˜‰ Love free giveaways!!!

Now I’m off to get my hair done!!! I’ll post pictures….you’ll have to tell me what you think!


Love, Dani