Step Up and Accessorize!

A perfect outfit is incomplete without the right accessories. You might be spending as much time shopping for accessories as you do for clothes, but worry no more! At Sophie & Trey you’ll find all the right accessories you need to make your look even more perfect.

Let’s start with our collection of handbags for women. A girl knows how important a handbag is — they’re not just for fashion but a great utility too. They are essential for carrying all your necessary items like your cellphone, makeup, perfume, etc.

Also one handbag is never enough for women so you need more to match with every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. After all, they add accent to your clothing. Have a look at our wide range of handbags — we have got clutches to tote bags to beach bags — all for different occasions.

Another accessory that women can’t ignore is sunglasses. Choosing sunglasses can be tricky — every design or size doesn’t look good on every face. Some are too big; some are too small; and some just don’t look good.

At Sophie and Trey, we have got sunglasses to match your outfit and enhance your personal style. Our collection of sunglasses for women gives you many options to choose from. Make sure you choose the right size; our size guidelines can help you with this.

We also have some great variety of hats for women. A sun hat is to give you a classy look on sunny days; winter hats protect you from catching cold; baseball hats are worn for the love of sports. There are also hats to add to your luxurious style.

We have different sizes and some of our hats are adjustable, so they can fit all head shapes.

A women belt has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. These are worn for many different purposes — some wear them to hold their bottoms in place; some wear them over dresses; and some pair them with skirts.

A belt accentuates your waistline. We have many different colors and designs; scroll and choose the ones you like the most.

Any list of accessories is incomplete without jewelry. At Sophie & Trey, we have a great variety of beautiful and elegant jewelry. Our collection of earrings for women has something for every occasion; from funky pieces to grandma’s pearl collection.

The right jewelry adds to your glammed look. Bold accessories paired with a plain outfit can make it a style statement.

You love necklaces? We have got some beautiful necklace for women who want to feel gorgeous or simply outstand the crowd. We have refined jewelry pieces — from pendants to choker, our beautiful collection is made for the beautiful and modern women of today.

Also have a look at our variety of bracelets for women. We have got designs you can wear casually at office or when hanging out with friends. There are also some glamourous designs that you can wear on your date night.

One of our most popular designs of bracelets is the charm bracelet. It’s very trendy these days, especially among teenagers. There are intricate designs of charm bracelets for women of all ages. We also have some great rings for women; from casual to chic.

Want to put a ring on it? There’s no better place than Sophie and Trey.

So accessorize yourself with our amazing collection of fashion accessories to upgrade your outfit.