Every woman loves jewelry. It’s an inarguable fact of science. That being said, all you jewelry loving girls out there are in luck! Sophie & Trey’s jewelry selection is totally out of this world, offering a wide array of options to suit everyone’s fancy! From earrings to anklets, we’re guaranteed to have a sparkly accessory that you’ll never want to take off!


Earrings are one of those statement accessories that can totally change the look of any outfit. With the right ear candy, you can effortlessly transform a casual look into something more fitting for a special occasion. Whether it be a pair of diamond studs, hoops, or something dangly and dramatic, earrings will certainly make your outfit look so much more put together!


Just as earrings do, necklaces can totally transform your outfits into total fashion statements. From dainty to eccentric, we have just about any type of necklace you could possibly be looking for. Style up your favorite low-cut tank with a drop necklace or a plain t-shirt with a long one to make things fresh and fun!


Effortlessly slip one of our bracelets on your wrist and immediately become the star of the show! Bracelets are by far one of the easiest pieces of jewelry that you can accessorize with. If you own just one neutral colored bracelet, you automatically have something to pair with any outfit. Add a set of beads to your boho looks, a diamond cuff to your more exquisite ones, or a simple cuff to suit just about any look you can imagine.


One for every finger, please! Our rings are known to hug you in all the right places, making for a subtle yet adorable accessory to fit anyone’s style. Some say the bigger the gem the better, but basic and dainty pieces are just enough to perfectly accessorize! Our rings come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors to assure that everyone finds their perfect match.


One can never have too many basics in their closet, but what happens when your basics start looking a little too…. basic? What happens when you’ve totally worn out your favorite outfit and it starts to feel like something’s missing? Well, it probably is! We have a solution to your problem: it’s time to accessorize! Adding some accessories to your typical, every day outfit can totally transform the look into something much more, and soon you’ll be oozing with style all over again! To show you exactly what we mean, we’ve chosen one outfit and spiced it up three different ways with some of our favorite accessories!

Here, we kept a boho yet casual look here, featuring one of our straw hats and a simple, yet essential clutch to go along! All it really takes to create an entirely different effect with your favorite outfit is a couple of accessories! Not to mention that shoes really do make all the difference. We added our absolute favorite pair of heels to add a sprinkle of sophistication to this outfit!

What if we told you that you could wear your favorite outfit throughout all of the seasons? In honor of the recent transition from summer to fall, we wanted to demonstrate how to do just this simply by just choosing the right accessories! Add a cardigan, a pair of booties, a scarf, or even some stockings to keep yourself warm and looking stylish during those colder autumn days!

Transform a casual look into a preppy one just by adding a few extra things! These accessories totally change the vibe of this outfit entirely! PRO TIP: find and follow a color scheme while accessorizing! This will make you look much more put together! In this look, we brought some beige/light pink accessories into the mix and we’re absolutely obsessing over the results!

We know that accessorizing can be overwhelming and even a little bit scary, but we hope this mini-guide inspired you to get out of your comfort zone and spice up your life! We only showed you a few of the hundreds of accessories here at Sophie & Trey, so be sure to check out the rest of our collection here! If you’re feeling like you’re still needing some extra help transforming your basics into something much more, then sign up for our FREE PERSONAL STYLINGWe would be so excited to work with you further and get you what you need to properly accessorize!



S&T Tutorial – Summer Wedding Guest Glam

Our very own make-up guru Mekala Viernes shows us how to beat the heat and stay glam! Perfect for a summer wedding guest look, she shows us less is more by demonstrating a highlighted, subtle make up application for staying glammed up all day through the night.

We start with our model Barbara cleansing her face with a makeup removing towelette to ensure any dirt, sweat or left over makeup is removed before the process begins as Mekala sets up her array of makeup favorites. She chose a lot of neutral tones and shimmery pieces to really accentuate the summer dewey skin look.

To begin, Mekala says she always starts with eyes first in case shadow falls or there are mistakes, it is easier to clean off before the foundation and concealer are applied rather than after.

1.Brows – First, shaping the eyebrows is an essential part to creating the glam look. For filling in the brows, she uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Brow Definer. For concealing the brow on the top and bottom, she uses Sephora Bright Future Concealer. Lastly, the ABH Clear Brow Gel is used to set the eyebrows.

2. Eyes – Priming the eyes is essential to ensure the shadows/liners do not crease, especially in the summer heat, so she uses the Urban Decay (UD) Primer Potion. For the first application of eyeshadow, she begins with the Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette, shade “Matte Lombardi”. This neutral shade is perfect for layering over. In the crease/transition, she layers on shade “Matt Singh”. For the outer (v) eyelid corner, she blends shades to make a darker, more defined statement, using shades “Matt Rosen” & “Matt Singh”.

Nest, she switches to the UD Naked 3 Palette and applies shade “Trick” all over her lid. She blends all shades together before she applies subtle and feminine Ardell Lashes “Demi Wispies”.

3. Foundation – After the eyes are complete and set, Mekala begins with the face by applying Sephora 10hr Perfection Foundation all over. She uses the Sephora Bright Future Concealer for under eyes. Next she uses the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder over the concealer to prevent creasing or (in this heat) melting!

4. Highlight & Contour – For a good all over bronzer and contour, the Benefit Hoola Bronzer is applied, followed by the Sephora Blush in shade “Flirt It Up” along the cheekbones. Now the fun part, highlighting! First she uses Becca Cosmetics Creme Highlighter “Champagne Pop” on the top of the cheekbones. Next she layers on ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit and blends shades “Glo Getter”, “143”, and “Daydream”. To add to the summer glow look, she also uses this blend of highlighters to accentuate the collarbone.

She goes back to the eyes to smoke the lower lash line, using a combination of shades “Matt Rosen” and “Matt Singh” from the previous eye palette. She then adds highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes, using shade “dust”.

5. Lips – The final step to complete the effortless summer glam look is a neutral, but glossy, lip! She starts with a nude lipstick Maybelline “Blushing Beige” and then layers on Urban Decay Lip Gloss in shade “Freestyle” for a perfect compliment to Barbara’s dewey, highlighted look.

To complete the look, Barbara chooses a Sophie & Trey favorite, The Lux Life Classic Dress Aqua $34.99. This dress is not only a bright, summer must-have, but it hits on the lightweight satin trend and has an always flattering halter neckline. Don’t forget to tag us #sophieandtrey in all your summer events & weddings for a chance to be featured and win $100 gift card every month! Check back on our youtube channel for more of our can’t-live-without tutorials.


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