Walking in a “Workout Wonderland”!

Hello everyone, happy December!

At Sophie & Trey we really are a family, and we LOVE to push ourselves to improve to be better, more well-rounded individuals. With the holiday season in full swing, it’s tough to maintain a balance between staying healthy and indulging (#TREATYOSELF). Because of this, we’ve decided to get that workout fit-spiration going! What does that mean?

It means that every day on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & Twitter we’re going to post a new workout idea for you to try! Each week we will have a muscle group that we’ll focus on!

  • December 1-8: Abs.
  • December 9-15: Arms/Shoulders.
  • December 16-22: Glutes.
  • December 23-21: Legs/Full body.

Here are some ab excercises to kick off our Workout Wonderland series!

Plank Up/Downs: Get in a plank positon, on your elbows. Make sure your body is in a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Slowly shift from your elbows to your hands (one hand at a time). Then go back down to your elbows (one at a time). Repeat this for 3 sets of 12 reps!

In & Outs: Hold this position, then extend your legs straight & lay back (keep your upper back off of the ground). Then crunch back to the beginning position. Repeat for 3 sets of 12!

Spider-Man Push ups: Assume the plank position with your hands placed evenly, a little wider than shoulder width apart. As you lower into a push up, reach one leg up to the side, trying to touch your knee to your elbow. Push back up to plank position, placing your foot back down. Repeat on the other side. Do this for 3 sets of 12!

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Sophie & Trey



S&T Active – Home Cardio Workout

Need a quick pick me up before getting all dressed up and heading out for the weekend? We’ve got an easy, 3-part fitness routine you can easily knock out at home. We know time is money, so burn some calories and get your sweat on with this quick cardio workout.

Ready to sweat it out? Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Sumo Squats – Do jumping sumo squats for 45 seconds at a time, 3 reps
  2. Butt Kickers – run in place with these butt kickers for 45 seconds at a time, 3 reps
  3. Suicide Squats – hit multiple muscles with these squats for 45 seconds at a time, 3 reps

The best way to get you in the mood for an awesome workout…a fab activewear set! Kristin chose her summer favorite, The Future Classic Leggings White $28.99 with matching The Future Classic Athletic Bra White $22.99 to get her ready for a kick-butt routine. Heading out after your sweat-sesh? Throw on an active jacket, like the Stripe A Pose Jacket $24.99 to tie in with the white on white vibe. Finish your look with trendy sneakers, like our favorite Famous Sneaker Grey $29.99 and you’re ready to go!

Sure to get your heart rate up, and your mood. Now you’re ready for a weekend of fun!


Sophie & Trey


Sophie Active – Summer Workout Styles

Things are heating up and while we ravish our Acai Bowls and Froze favorites, staying active this summer is at the top of our list. So why not stay fit in style?!
 Currently crushing on these vibrant cobalt hues, we switch up our activewear style as much as we switch up our workout routines. A go-to running short that we can’t live without is the Kick Back Active Pants $18.99. Pairing these lined, drawstring shorts with a basic tee with some feminine ruffle detail, like the One Love Ruffle Top White $14.99 is perfect for running the trail to running errands.

A perfect sports bra to vibe with this look, and also hit the criss-cross strap trend, is the Wild Caged Bralette Royal $14.99. Adding a laid back, lounge look for a casual #ootd or quick spinning session is the Jog Me Crazy Pants Grey $24.99, which is perfect for throwing on an active jacket with when the temps start dropping.

Another huge activewear trend that isn’t going anywhere fast is the mesh cutout details.








The Get The Meshage Leggings Olive $22.99 are spot on for this trend, not to mention their high waisted construction and extreme comfort…we mean extreme! Doubling up on the mesh trend, The Future Classic Athletic Bra not only is perfect for high impact support, but is detailed with mesh cutouts and an open, strappy back that we can’t get enough of.

To transition your workout wear from season to season, a lightweight active jacket is the perfect solution. The Straight Up Hoodie Grey $29.99 is a fitted heather grey active top with hoodie detail and mesh cutouts. Complete with finger cutouts, this active piece is an instant favorite all year long.








Don’t forget to check out our youtube and blog frequently for our go-to workout routines and get-fit tips!


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