July Focus: Positive Mental Attitude!

Here at Sophie & Trey, the S&T Family takes on a focus every month to improve ourselves! We invite you to join us on our July focus: keeping a positive mental attitude in a sometimes very negative world!
We have 12 steps listed below to put into action this month and to focus on daily in order to keep a positive attitude in all areas of our lives. Follow us on instagram (@sophieandtrey) for daily reminders and posts on maintaining a positive mental attitude!
Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.
Now let’s take each step and see why these are so important to maintaining a positive attitude!
  1. Move your body: It is very well-known that when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which make you feel happy!
  2. Personal hygiene: Make time for a bath, shower, and all the basics of maintaining your hygiene. Clean and steamed clothes will help you feel confident and good about yourself. These proactive steps will help you maintain a positive attitude. Never belittle the basis of good hygiene. If you can’t love yourself, who else is going to want to?
  3. Gradual breathing: When you feel negative thoughts coming along (which is going to happen from time to time), take notice of them. Then when you have time to close your eyes take a few deep breaths in and long exhales out. Every time you exhale out imagine all of the negative thoughts leaving your body and inhale the good thoughts.
  4. Upload positivity to your brain: Be careful of what type of shows you watch, books you read, and social media you are connected to. What you expose your mind to will reflect your attitude towards life. Watch inspiring shows and read books that bring you happiness!
  5. Watch your words: Only use positive words when you talk to yourself! This takes practice, so don’t beat yourself up if you catch yourself with negative self-talk. Recognizing it is half the battle! Positive self-talk can improve your overall well-being and overflow to others around you. When others ask you questions, focus on always keeping responses light and positive! In return you will feel good and so will the person you are communicating with.
  6. Focus on the good: Keep your focus on what is good all the time, in all areas of your life! What is good about your life, good about others, good about you! Keep it all good and your positive mental attitude will stay all good!
  7. Smile: This seems basic, but is so influential. Smiling attracts positivity. Not only does smiling bring more positivity to yourself, but will radiate happiness to others as well!
  8. Seek out positive people: There’s a reason some people feel good to be around. These people are good for yourself and will bring out positivity in you! If someone is constantly negative around you, spend some time apart and once you feel confident in your positivity slowly be around them more in hopes that you can bring positivity to their life as well. The more we are around positive people and positive people are around more positive people, the more room their is for all to grow and be the best version of themselves. (Power in numbers!)
  9. Use the power of humor: Just like exercising, laughing releases endorphins which leads to bliss and happiness! Knowing how to laugh at yourself and the mishaps in life, leads to the best type of positive mental attitude! Your outlook on life is generally better and uplifted when laughing is involved!
  10. Have a purpose: Having a purpose gives you a fixed point to focus on for your future. A purpose will bring meaning to your life and do wonders for your attitude. Try visualizing your dreams and goals being met! We all have a choice in what we do each day and the attitude we will bring with each new day, so choose a purpose you believe in and one that will make you happy.
  11. Be enthusastic: Enthusiastic people have positive attitudes towards life and influence others around them as well. Even if you have to make it until you make it at first, add enthusiasm to all that you do and eventually it will become natural and in return make it easier to maintain a positive mental attitude.
  12. Appreciate others: Communication and our relationships with others is what makes the world go around. Appreciate those around you! Being appreciate of others is the ultimate positive attitude. Remember to respect where others are in their journey in life. If they are not being positive at that moment with you, then appreciative that you can bring positivity to them!
Thank you for joining us on our July focus! We hope this brings joy and positivity to your life!
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