A Trendy Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is such an exciting time. The feelings of excitement, nervousness, and not knowing what to expect can be very overwhelming. In the midst of all the changes going on with your body, you also have to figure out how to dress your ever-changing body! With maternity clothes being pricey and not always the cutest, let me share a few tips of how I dressed at Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean during my whole pregnancy!
This time last year I was almost 5 months pregnant! The hairband expanding my jeans and the belly band days were long gone! Leggings, tights, empire waist dresses/tops, and maxi dresses became my best friend! Don’t be discouraged about shopping in a boutique while your pregnant! All the girls at the stores saw my progression during my pregnancy, and we are all there to help you dress you and your gorgeous growing baby bump! They saw the good days when I was glowing and the bad days when I felt outright ugly! We all learned together what worked and didn’t work on my new body! Sometimes all you need is a Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean maternity fashion show to lift your spirits and remember how truly beautiful and special this time of your life is!

Here are some tips I learned while I was pregnant!

1.) Buy clothes that fit. Nothing makes a pregnant woman look bigger than an oversized muumuu.
2.)Accentuate the belly. Any dress or top should fit snug around the belly so that no one mistakes you for simply having a lunch baby. Form-fitting is always more flattering than really loose.

On that note one of my go to looks while I was pregnant!
 Black leggings from either Sophie&Trey/4th & Ocean($6.99-$24.00) and one of the fabulous seamless dresses than can be found at either store with either spaghetti straps or long sleeves for the winter for only($14.99-$19.99). Trust me these things are great! They might look intimidating but try one on, they will grow with your belly and are the perfect staple to your maternity wardrobe to layer over! The seamless dresses actually make you feel like you have extra support under your belly, and are long enough to make you feel covered! This look is seen below on Jessica Simpson. She paired the leggings and seamless dress with a black leather jacket, black boots, and a leopard scarf! Love it… and you can find affordable boots, jackets, and scarfs just like this at Sophie & Trey!

3.) Your new waist is directly under your breasts now (empire waist) so if you’re using a belt or sash in anyway always belt above your belly.
4.) Accessorizing is key. Big necklaces draw the eyes upwards and towards your face. If you’re dressing all in one color you can use accessories to add splashes of color.
5.) Dressing in one color is recommended. I tended to wear all one color underneath (preferably black/gray/brown) and added color over with either a jacket, chiffon bohemian top, necklaces, and scarfs. 

Below is a picture of Christina Applegate using her accessories to accentuate her bump in the most flattering way! The high waisted belt is placed perfectly to show how off her waist. The layered long necklaces with one shorter necklace adds interest to her neckline. Sophie & Trey/4th & Ocean offer awesome high waisted belts that range from $9.99-$19.99! The jewelry options are endless at the stores too! I love layering a trendy long necklace with a classic initial necklace! You could find a fierce long necklace at Sophie & Trey for anywhere from $6.99-$29.99 and layer it with the 24KGP Initial Necklace from 4th & Ocean(you could buy your babies initial if you already have the name picked out!). You can also use all the accessories you buy during and after pregnancy! 

6.) Show off the parts that you love. Great legs? Go with short dresses. Ripped arms? Try sleeveless looks. Loving your new pregnancy cleavage? Opt for a low-cut top.

Here Kourtney Kardashian showed off her legs and pregnancy cleavage! She looks great and still isn’t showing too much by wearing a classic style blazer and not showing her whole leg, by wearing a higher boot! 

7.) Rock tights! Patterned tight, colored tights, and classic black opaque tights are huge this season! If you’re worried about a dress feeling to short for a Holiday party. Add black opaque tights underneath and you will instantly feel more comfortable and look chic.
8.) Splurge a little. You’re only pregnant once(or twice or thrice…hehe) so find outfits you love and feel good in and it will be worth every penny. 
9.) Wear the heck out of your perfectly fitting outfits/dresses and flaunt it while you got it! When I found something I felt really good in, I wore it (a lot!). The girls at the store would find a new outfit for me when they got sick of something! haha! 
10.) Maxi Dresses! Maxi dresses are so comfortable and always look chic! You can dress one up for a party or throw on flip flops to run errands! 
The black maxi I’m wearing below I glammed up with some necklaces from Sophie & Trey for my maternity shoot. I would also wear this maxi around the house to be comfortable, to run errands, or go to dinner! So versatile! This was from 4th & Ocean for $34.99…there a ton of great maxi dresses at 4th & Ocean all year round!

Below is Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani looking fab in there maxi dresses!
I hope all these tips help your journey to motherhood a little easier! Hopefully we will see you and your bump in the stores soon:) And remember your preggo body will be gone soon and your little bundle of joy will be here! So any days you feel frustrated with how clothes are fitting, just remember to have fun with it! 

Here is a pic of Baby Kenny and I when he was only 6 days old! It feels like that was just yesterday! Enjoy every minute and good luck!

Holiday in the Park on Friday night was a blast! The lights are beautiful and seeing all the kids enjoy it was so fun! The lights will be on every night until the New Year! So if you haven’t gone to see them yet I strongly recommend it! Here is a pic of Baby Kenny enjoying some of the decorations in the park! If you don’t know where the park is it is Lake Mary Central Park, the one directly in front of the stores and next to the Lake Mary City Hall! I am wearing a Billabong sweater from 4th&Ocean(so cuddle up comfy!), gray jeans from S&T, black tank from S&T, and boots from S&T! BK is wearing an adorable Elf hat and shoes from Coastal Kidz, which is also located in Downtown Lake Mary!

Give & Receive

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are now getting back into the Monday grind. I had a great weekend! Went to a gorgeous wedding in the woods (pics will be in a blog later this week!), did some hair, worked, hung out with family that was in town, and my favorite part was getting our tree and lights up! It was so fun decorating, getting into the Christmas spirit while jamming out to some holiday tunes!

So much is happening in December! I know it will fly by! So here’s what you need to know for this week!

THURSDAY is our Holiday Soiree!!! A must be at event!! And just for coming, our gift to you is 20% off one item that night! Now for the important part……this is a dress up event! Your BEST HOLIDAY ATTIRE is requested!! You may ask why? Every half hour we will choose a winner, “THE BEST DRESSED”, and they will receive a $50-$100 gift card to either store!!! Here’s more info….

Definitely going to be a great night you don’t want to miss! Grab that holiday dress you’ve been dying to wear, put on those heels you love that are so high and bring your best friend! See you Thursday!
Now let’s not forget that this season is all about giving. Run to your pantry and grab those green bean cans you know you probably won’t eat or that toy that sits in the corner you never play with and bring them to either S&T or 4th & Ocean because some Seminole County families need help!!! So “Drop Boxes” are in both stores! Bring canned good, toys, or game and receive 10% off one item! Anything Helps!!! Donations will be taken to WESH where they will then be divided and delivered to families in need!! Collection dates 12/1/11-12/10/11!!! So hurry in this week and gift a family some food then receive 10% off an item for your generosity!!!

Looking forward to another busy and beautiful week!!! See you all Thursday and don’t forget to bring some donations in!!!!

Happy 1st full week of December!!!

Love, Dani

How to: Christmas Idea

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! If you didn’t read yesterday’s post you must! So helpful! Kristin definitely did an amazing job and gave great insight to dressing for a photo shoot!

Well decorations are up an the Christmas spirit is in full swing at the store! Thought it would be fun to share how I did the amazing giant stars hanging in our window display! It was something I saw on Pinterest that they actually did on wine bottles. I decided I was going to try the technique on these giant stars my mom picked up from Home Goods or Kohls. Super easy! You could do this on just about anything to add texture, sparkle and a touch of glam!

You just need:

Spray glue
Epsom salt
White spray paint (really could use any color you want)

All you do is take the spray glue and spray down the surface in which you want the salt to be.

Next take the salt an sprinkle over the sprayed area.

Allow to dry. You can shake off the excess salt.

Finally take the spray paint and spray the whole area in the desired color you picked.

And tah-dah!!!! You have a finished and fierce Christmas decoration!!!

Now I chose to add an extra layer of salt onto the stars. I sprayed the stars again and poured more salt over them just to add some extra sparkle. I felt when they weren’t spray painted over they gave an added iridescent look on top of the layer that was spray painted white.

Super cheap and such a fabulous decoration!! I’m going to try it on some wine bottles and maybe a few ornaments!!! Give it a try!! I took some pictures along the way to see the progress! 😉 Get creative!! Message me at danirae.kemp@gmail.com or comment me if you try it and let me know how it goes for you. Also suggest what kind of accessory/decoration you tried it on!!!

Happy crafting!

How To: Holiday Photos with NEW Blogger Kristin!

Hi! For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Kristin! I am one of the founders of Sophie & Trey and 4th & Ocean; along with my sister, Ryan! I couldn’t be more excited to join Dani on the blog! Dani’s blogs have been so amazing, and I’m so excited to add my twist of fashion knowledge to the posts! I am a new mother this year, and will be sharing how I tie fashion into the motherhood lifestyle! My husband, Kenny and I became parents on April 2, 2011!  Our little baby boy is named after Kenny, so he is Kenneth III. Also, known as Baby Kenny or as some of the girls at the stores like to call him BK.
Today is Baby Kenny’s 8 month BDay!

This year has been full of firsts for Baby Kenny! I knew with Christmas right around the corner I needed to start doing the traditional family photos with my new little family! Here are a few helpful steps to getting ready for holiday photos:

1.   The first step to the Holiday Photos was calling my favorite photography team over at Michelle Stromberg Photography and setting up a date, time, and an idea of a theme and location so I could start gathering outfits!  

 If you’re wondering why go professional?! Here is what Michelle‘s helpful answer… 

“Simply, the experience. Trying to get everyone perfect in a family photo is stressful, so hand that stress off and just enjoy the process. I will make the shoot fun, lighthearted and unique and that in turn will give us natural, fun portraits that show us who you truly are. Plus, expert lighting and photoshop don’t hurt…;)”

From personal experience, I think growing with a photographer is one of the best choices you can make! Kenny and I have been using Michelle since our engagement pictures! Now I look forward to the shoots so much, it is like getting to hang out with an old friend!

2. After we decided we would be taking the photos in a field setting(we love the outdoors!), it was time for my favorite part….picking my outfit! We had just got the amazing knitted tights in from Sophie & Trey, so those were my first choice to surround the outfit around! I then used the cream color ruffle skirt from 4th & Ocean, because I knew it would be the perfect layering piece! I also chose the tan distressed cowboy boots from 4th & Ocean (cowboys boots are so southern chic, I just loove them!). I then layered a floral printed chiffon top from Sophie & Trey over the ruffle skirt. Layers are all the rage this winter, so…..I had to add one more layer! Over the floral top I added the amazing sheared vest from 4th & Ocean! 
Here is my outfit all put together:
3. The next step was figuring out what the boys were going to wear. Here is what Michelle had to say about what looks best together…

What to wear, do we match?
“Don’t match, coordinate… just like in any other element of design, it’s all about the layers. Long gone are the days of white and khaki, prints and patterns mixed together add interest and texture to a portrait. My only exception to this rule is black… love it! And come on who doesn’t look good in it?”

The boys ended up wearing tans, grays, and brown. I loved the different tones of the colors all together and the different textures. We did a pop of color with there undershirts. Kenny wore a rusty red color underneath and Baby Kenny wore navy! 
Aren’t they so handsome?! …
4. After you have the outfits picked out, the rest is easy! Throw those outfits on and go have fun! Don’t worry about flaws or being perfect! That’s why you have Michelle! She can fix anything! The most fun photos are always the ones when we’re just goofing off…
5. After the photo shoot, you’ll have a follow up meeting with the photographer to see all the pics and choose your Holiday cards or choose what you wanted printed to share with family and friends!

Here are a few more tips from the professionals at Michelle Stromberg Photography

-Before you book your appointment, keep in mind what time/day will work best for your family. If you know your daughter has gymnastics on Thursdays and that she’s usually pretty tired afterwards, perhaps Thursday isn’t the best day for you family shoot.

-Be open to the photographer’s suggestions. If your photographer suggests poses which weren’t necessarily part of what you were planning on doing at your shoot, just know that she has a vision in mind and that sometimes things look slightly different through the camera lens than you might be envisioning them. Professional photographers would never depict you look anything less than your absolute best!

-If there was a specific look or pose you really wanted to capture, make sure to mention something about that to your photographer. If you really, really have your heart set on getting at least one photo of your kids together being silly, we can make that happen-but try to mention it to us so that we can help you remember to make sure we get that shot!

Hope these tips make your Holiday photos or any photos a little easier!

Tonight me and the family are going to Holiday in the Park! If you’re looking for a tree lighting to go to, this one is beautiful! Santa shows up on a fire truck, we’ll be sure to get  Baby Kenny’s first photo with him! I’ll let you all know how it goes next week! 🙂

P.S. The stores will be open until 8 tonight!
Happy Holiday Shopping! 🙂

Mistletoe & Martinis Event

I’m blogging LIVE from Primera Day Spa’s Mistletoe & Martini’s holiday event benefitting Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital! What a great turn out and night this is! And it’s just beginning! Apps, martini’s, fashion, jewelry, a DJ and much more all for a good cause! Primera is even doing live demos on some of their services! If you’re not here you should be! Event continues till 8pm!! There is a $10 entrance fee to be donated to the hospital! Run don’t walk! Here are some live photos of what’s happening right now!