Friday Faves

TGIF!!!! Cheers to the weekend and I’m off to Ohio…to meet the parents 😉 Excited and anxious all in one! Currently sitting at my gate in my new favorite jeans, sipping on my Starbucks earl gray tea, and people watching. Always a good time 😉 So much stuff has come into the store this week like always and while I did splurge on a ton of good finds I have picked out the ones I am completely head over heels for!

I LOVE THIS!! So much actually this is my “Meet the Parents” outfit that I am wearing right now!! Stylish without even trying and SO comfortable! 
(Jeans at Sophie & Trey store; Shirt –


Photography by Marisol


Up close shot of the jeans! OBESSED!!!!!!!!

These jeans truly are amazing! A great fit and I love the fact that they are navy blue and gray striped! The best part is that they are only $39.99 in the store!!! Such a great pair of jeans that you can wear all year long!!! From far away they just look like a normal, great dark jean but as you get closer you notice the detail! I like mixing it up. Even tho they are striped, I paired a thick striped shirt with it for a total edgy and chic look!

My next obsession is this clutch!!! So fabulous!!! They are available at the store for $39.99 and in a variety of colors! I loved them all! There’s silver, gold, black, red & pewter. I had the hardest time choosing between them but went with the classic black. They are pretty roomy! I definitely love that with a pair of jeans and a tank or a dress the clutch matches and adds some glam rock to the outfit!


Photography by Marisol

My last must have for this week is this bag that’s in the store! I’m absolutely loving the studded accent on the camel color. Plus it’s a shoulder bag, which I love since you don’t have to hold or carry it. The tassel is a fun and flirty accent. It has just the right amount of room! Can keep your camera, iPhone, wallet, lip gloss and a compact. What more do you need? It’s perfect. This is positively a perfect bag for every outfit. Love it for the fall especially!

Photography by Marisol

So those are my top 3 favorites from this week!! All are available at the store! Well I must go board my flight! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!! Look for tomorrow’s fun post 😉
Stop by the store this weekend, I know they put out some awesome new goodies for you!! 😉

Love, Dani

Check out Photography by Marisol
All pictures taken by Marisol.

Cabin Fever

So I’m leaving for Ohio tomorrow (don’t worry I’ll still be blogging lol) and realize I am the typical Florida girl whose closet is full of tank tops, bathing suits, and shorts. This doesn’t give me a lot to pack to go off to a farm where it’s going to be 30 degrees at night! So I’ve been on the hunt this morning for sweaters, jackets and anything long sleeve to keep me from catching hypothermia. These are my favorites and must have’s for winter!

Love this sweater from


Photography by Marisol

Layering for winter is a must! I’m always getting hot, cold, hot, cold and going inside to outside. So layering is the perfect solution! Then you always have the option to peel off a layer or add depending on the temperature. It’s definitely a good idea to just get a basic tank or long sleeve to have as your base layer and then go from there by adding a long sleeve shirt over the tank or if you are wearing a long sleeve as your base, go straight for a sweater. Sweaters are always nice to have. Even if you’re just going to a class, they always keep those rooms freezing! Make sure your sweater can breathe and doesn’t suffocate you! We don’t want to be that warm. I’d have to say most important and one of the things you should invest in this winter is a good, solid coat. Depending on where you’re going this winter, and even during some nights here as we get into November and December, you will need a good coat or jacket! The ones below are awesome! So comfy and keep you warm but without burning a hole in your wallet! Make sure your coat fits you well. The seams on the shoulders should match up with right where your shoulder curves down to your arm. You also want to make sure when you reach forward or stretch back that it’s not pulling and too tight across the chest. Sometimes this might cause you to go up a size, especially if you plan on wearing a ton of layers underneath or a super thick sweater. It’s a good idea to wear or take a sweater or long sleeve to try on with the coat or jacket just to make sure. Check out what I found this morning and some of which I will be packing tonight!

Photography by Marisol


Love the mix of material used in this gray jacket!


Perfect sweater for layering or can always make it into a dress by wearing a tube slip underneath!


My fave! I love mine! Perfect military olive green coat!


Obsessed with this sweater! Just the right amount of sparkle to jazz it up a bit!


Perfect for any afternoon no matter where you are! A classic for sure!


Love this! A hint of modern over-sized fit mixed with a vintage look!


For the edgy, rocker that is in all of us!!!!

These are some of the looks I am in love with right now. All of this stuff is available at Sophie & Trey’s online store or 4th & Ocean’s online store!

Who says you can’t look sexy in winter too?!? Wearing this stuff…you easily can!!
Check out the online sites!!! Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!

Love, Dani


Spice up your life with tights!

Photography by Marisol
Printed tights? Yes please! I have found one of my new favorite trends for the fall season! I don’t know why I have never gotten into this before! I mean I’ve worn tights, but these are fabulous! I’m not sure why no one really gets into printed ones. Tights offer a nice layer for cool weather, especially here. Now with a print they can be the center of the outfit and yet so simple. 
Photography by Marisol
Photography by Marisol

Printed tights available at Sophie & Trey $6.99

I’m loving the solid ones too, mainly to just add warmth but it also keeps my outfit looking clean. Also a classic is just the simple sheer brown, gray and black. Always a favorite that can be added to anything you wear. Go fun and flirty with a bold color!

Sophie & Trey -Sheer Tights – Tan, Green & Pink $6.99

The “knit” looking ones are pretty awesome and my 2nd fave behind the printed because they add the stripes down your legs. As a result it adds a little detail but also makes your legs look longer and leaner. Who doesn’t love that?! Tights are given enough credit and get lost in the whole leggings and jeggings trends. We tend to forget that tights are also in the mix and great alternative. You can wear tights with a dress, shorts, skirts and even under a pair of jeans that have holes or rips so they peek through.

Tights – Sophie & Trey               Boots – 4th & Ocean

Tights – Sophie & Trey            Wedges – Sophie & Trey

“Knit looking” tights at Sophie & Trey $9.00

According to the survey results about your fall faves….printed tights tied as last place along with fur and leather trends. Now that you can seen how FABULOUS they can be, I dare you to go out, grab a pair and try this trend!!! You won’t regret it. Send me a pic of how you wore your tights at and I’ll post the top 3!!

Also yesterday Rachel and I went downtown and had an AMAZING shoot with Marisol Rodriguez!! It was a blast and I can’t wait for you to see more pictures she took!!!!! The one above with the printed tights is all her talent!!! She is THE BEST!!! Check her out, “LIKE” her page and begin to book your next shoot!!!

Facebook – Photography by Marisol

Have fun picking out prints!!

Love, Dani

The booties in the first pictures are available at Sophie & Trey store.
The teal jacket is available online at 
All tights available at Sophie & Trey store.

Today in Fashion History…

On October 25th, 1960 the first electronic wrist watch was put out for sale in New York.

Today in 2011, the watch trend has turned into the boyfriend fit and wrap watch. I’ve never been a huge watch wearer until working at the store. A watch is not just a thing to tell time anymore, we have cell phones for that now 😉 It’s more of an accessory! I now own 3 watches….Yes THREE….so far!!! I wear them all the time! I have a gold, a rose gold with black face and a wrap gray one that has studs and crystals (which is my new fave). One for any and every outfit or occasion I might put together! A watch is a nice piece to help create your overall look. It can dress up or dress down any outfit. Right now the Michael Kors is HOTT!! Yes if I could afford to have every color…actually even ONE color I totally would! At the same time I am a smart shopper! Why spend that when I can have the that amazing look for an even better amazing price!!! For my budget and the savvy shopper, Sophie & Trey’s imitation Michael Kors is the closest and most perfect I’ve seen! Each watch shown and available at the store is only $29.99! So now I can afford to have every color!! PERFECT!

Michael Kors look like this…
Sophie & Trey’s look like this…
Such a variety and you can barely tell the difference between the Michael Kors. 

 The wrap watches are a simple solution, especially to those of you who have tiny wrists and think the boyfriend fit is too big to wear. The wrap ones you don’t even have to have links taken out you can just wrap it around to fit how you want! So easy!!

 This below is my NEW FAVE!!! Studs & glamour all rolled into one! Casual dressy…I think so!!
Use your watch to express your style and personality as well as give your outfit that extra pizazz! 
It’s something SO simple but WELL worth it!

I’ve definitely turned into a watch person! Maybe not even to tell time but just to make the ambiance of my ensemble whole! Loving them all! Especially at this price messing around with different colors to add a pop to any outfit! So many options and styles, come check them out!

Enjoy your Tuesday!!
Love, Dani

Survey Says Your Fall Fave is…

Over the weekend I took a survey and asked the question:

*What Fall trend are you looking forward to wearing/trying the most this season?

A. 60’s inspired printed tights with a bold color dress?
B. A fur vest
C. Faux leather leggings, pencil skirt or high waisted shorts
D. A bow blouse paired with skinnies and booties
E. A cape or poncho
F. Knee high socks with boots

And the survey said the fall favorite you’re most looking forward to is….

Coming in 2nd place was – A bow blouse paired with skinnies and booties. 
3rd was – A cape or poncho and then tied for last is 60’s inspired tights, fur vest and faux leather.
I personally and excited for all of them but the one I am looking forward to the most is the 60’s inspired tights! I’ll show you the best ways to wear the 3rd place trends on Wednesday! I’m determined to convince you each to try one of these looks cause they are amazing and can be so much fun! You just have to be willing to take a chance, switch it up and put it on!
Knee high socks with boots is pretty basic and can go with anything. This season it’s about colors, design and wearing them with booties! Whether you have shorts, a skirt or dress knee high’s are the answer. Especially living in Florida where cold is not like the Midwest, a long sleeved dress or skirt with a blouse makes perfect sense to wear the knee high/boots combo to add some extra warmth without being too hot. This fall season above the knee high socks are the trend! From red, gray, black or brown don’t be afraid to pull those socks right above the knee. Add some spice with a design as well! Make those the focal and statement piece to your outfit! If you are a a person with shorter legs you might want to stick with right under the knee so it elongates your legs rather than if they were above where they would be swallowing your legs. Another hot trend this season is pairing the knee highs with ankle boots or loafer booties! Definitely a must try. Trust me you will like it! Take a look at these fabulous knee high’s!

 LOVE the red for a pop of color to any outfit! Brown and black always CLASSIC!
At Sophie & Trey for only $9.99
Who doesn’t want to be like a Gossip Girl!?!
 Patterns are perfect for that solid colored dress or jean shorts & a tank!
At Sophie & Trey only $5.00
Definitely some great examples! Loving Sarah Jessica Parker’s look on the far right!! She always knows how to do it right! Another fave is the mix match striped with leopard loafers (2nd one in)!! 

So for a fun, flirty and never fail look put on your newest pair of knee high’s whether above or below the knee and pair them with your boots or booties and head out!

Happy Monday!

Love, Dani