Snug Life – Winter Essentials

Cold weather can be difficult on everyone. From wearing multiples layers to unpredictable weather, don’t get caught without the essentials this time of year! Whether you’re spending time in the north-east or enjoying the sun in the south-west, the air gets dry and the nights are cool. There are a few essentials that you will need for your home, and for going out, that will make winter a little easier for you.


    • Warm sweater – Your go-to lightweight knit sweater with a graphic detail exclaiming that you’re not a winter person!


    • Cozy hat – A knit beanie hat detailed with a threaded pompom topper.



    • A rich moisturizer – Take care of your skin by being sure to regularly moisturize. Don’t let the winter wind get the best of your skin.


    • Warm leggings – Easy to pair with anything, this pair of tights will complete any outfit. Comfy stretch for easy wear in winter.



    • Turtleneck – The softest and comfiest ribbed turtleneck sweater perfect for any cold day! Flowy bottom and semi-slit sides.



  • Lip balm – Don’t forget about protecting your lips from getting dry this winter. Not only is it uncomfortable to have chapped lips, but it can get worse if left untreated.

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