S&T Active – Home Cardio Workout

Need a quick pick me up before getting all dressed up and heading out for the weekend? We’ve got an easy, 3-part fitness routine you can easily knock out at home. We know time is money, so burn some calories and get your sweat on with this quick cardio workout.

Ready to sweat it out? Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Sumo Squats – Do jumping sumo squats for 45 seconds at a time, 3 reps
  2. Butt Kickers – run in place with these butt kickers for 45 seconds at a time, 3 reps
  3. Suicide Squats – hit multiple muscles with these squats for 45 seconds at a time, 3 reps

The best way to get you in the mood for an awesome workout…a fab activewear set! Kristin chose her summer favorite, The Future Classic Leggings White $28.99 with matching The Future Classic Athletic Bra White $22.99 to get her ready for a kick-butt routine. Heading out after your sweat-sesh? Throw on an active jacket, like the Stripe A Pose Jacket $24.99 to tie in with the white on white vibe. Finish your look with trendy sneakers, like our favorite Famous Sneaker Grey $29.99 and you’re ready to go!

Sure to get your heart rate up, and your mood. Now you’re ready for a weekend of fun!


Sophie & Trey


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