Every woman lovesĀ jewelry. It’s an inarguable fact of science. That being said, all you jewelry loving girls out there are in luck! Sophie & Trey’s jewelry selection is totally out of this world, offering a wide array of options to suit everyone’s fancy! From earrings to anklets, we’re guaranteed to have a sparkly accessory that you’ll never want to take off!


Earrings are one of those statement accessories that can totally change the look of any outfit. With the right ear candy, you can effortlessly transform a casual look into something more fitting for a special occasion. Whether it be a pair of diamond studs, hoops, or something dangly and dramatic, earrings will certainly make your outfit look so much more put together!


Just as earrings do, necklaces can totally transform your outfits into total fashion statements. From dainty to eccentric, we have just about any type of necklace you could possibly be looking for. Style up your favorite low-cut tank with a drop necklace or a plain t-shirt with a long one to make things fresh and fun!


Effortlessly slip one of our bracelets on your wrist and immediately become the star of the show! Bracelets are by far one of the easiest pieces of jewelry that you can accessorize with. If you own just one neutral colored bracelet, you automatically have something to pair with any outfit. Add a set of beads to your boho looks, a diamond cuff to your more exquisite ones, or a simple cuff to suit just about any look you can imagine.


One for every finger, please! Our rings are known to hug you in all the right places, making for a subtle yet adorable accessory to fit anyone’s style. Some say the bigger the gem the better, but basic and dainty pieces are just enough to perfectly accessorize! Our rings come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors to assure that everyone finds their perfect match.

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