Blouses by Sophie and Trey - You can never have enough!

“I don’t need any more blouses”... said no one ever! Somehow we always seem to go a little short on these timeless staples. Our wardrobe screams for more every season, doesn’t it? Blouses are those versatile pieces that can be dressed down or even dressed up! Their versatility comes with a high price, but guess what? Not with Sophie and Trey. Our sexy blouses come with the meager price tag starting from only $19.99.

Our range carries not just your conventional blouses but we have taken a step ahead towards providing you with a wide variety of necklines which have choker and even halter necklines. Not just that, we also have decent button downs which will serve you the perfect office looks and well, even provide you will the most elegant date night looks with your significant other in the nicest dinner in Florida.