Bralettes & Bras

What’s Under Your Clothes? Bralettes & Bras!

What’s the current state of your lingerie affairs? Whether you are involved in a love affair or single, your lingerie matters. You might not think it’s worth spending a ding on undergarments but the bra you’re wearing sends a powerful message about your energy.

At Sophie & Trey, we offer a complete line of clothing for women — this includes a wide range of bras and bralettes in colorful designs and patterns. We offer the best intimate clothes because they impact everything.

Looking for garments to ooze out your sex appeal, are you? We have a variety of tube top dresses that are super stylish and provocatively alluring. They are available in different colors and designs — some are plain while others have intricate patterns on them.

We have tube dresses for all body shapes. Wear a cropped black top and pair it with jeans or an A-line skirt. Tube tops are ideal for hangouts with friends or when going for a date night.

You can also look at our sexy strapless dress collection offering different colors and designs. We bet you will fall in love with our collection. For you to rock your strapless dress, it is important that you wear the right choice of bra underneath. You don’t want to get into discomfort, do you?

Choose some of our best bras or bralettes to save yourself from the hassle of wearing a strapless dress. You’ll find all sorts of bras; from silicone to strapless.

A fashion tape also does wonders and can be helpful when you wear a strapless dress. This tape is used to secure the edges of a strapless dress or a top. You stick it to your cleavage or side of the breasts or on shoulders to secure the dress from slipping. You can also use it to keep your bra straps in place.

For women who are into sports and fitness, we have a wide range of bras that can be worn underneath the workout clothes. Your fitness fabric works as a second-skin so your sports bra must not distract you while training.

All our sportswear bras and bralettes have great durability — they are extremely breathable and draw moisture away from you. They offer great flexibility which is very important while exercising.

Our line of sexy lingerie is quite popular among young women. At Sophie & Trey, we offer some great variety of lingerie which will make you feel sexy and good about yourself.