Layer it Up with A Cardigan

Hoodies and sweaters have had their moments in the past so another fall layer that has come into limelight are cardigans — with visions of fleece and cashmere on our heads. Cardigans are clothing pieces that every woman has in her wardrobe.

Most people prefer to wear them in the winters only, but they are not restricted to one season. If you thought a cardigan would only come to use in cold weather, then you are wrong. There are different kinds of women’s cardigans in different sizes and styles.

At Sophie & Trey, we have a wide collection of cardigans for women — have a look and grab your favorite ones right away as they are versatile and have easy-off wearability.

For the cold season, we recommend you to get a cardigan sweater. These are mostly made of a woven material to keep you warm. Our collection of women’s cardigan sweaters has a variety of designs, prints and styles to choose from.

We have designs made for the casual days as well as some for the formal events. Some cardigans have decorative buttons on the cuffs while you can try cropped silhouette with balloon sleeve cardigans for a stylish look.

If you are looking for a cardigan which is equally decent and gorgeous, then have a look at our variety of long sweaters. A long sweater is usually knee length and made of a soft material to keep you warm. You can wear them when going for grocery shopping or when sitting outdoors with friends having a bonfire.

You can also wear them on formal occasions. Because of their perfect length, they give your entire outfit a classy look. In our store online, you will find some gorgeous styles of long sweaters in great prints and designs. We also have two-tone stripes cardigans for a chic style.

Our long sweater with pockets are quite trendy among women as they offer them to store their cell phones or wallets in those pockets.

Another beautiful cardigan for your wardrobe is a knit cardigan. It has been in fashion for several years, but the trend never goes outdated. A knit cardigan is a sophisticated piece of warm clothing to add to your collection. We have some beautiful hand knit cardigans in our store online, available in different colors, designs, and prints.

Our knit cardigan with a hoodie is a chic design that you can wear anywhere. Our classic knit designs will look good on any outfit—some are swingy cropped designs or a classic heathered design. We have a variety of colors so you can easily match them up with your favorite clothes.

Our collection of cardigans has everything from plain to printed and short to long. All our cardigans are made of great quality and are highly durable. At Sophie and Trey, we offer some tempting designs so choose from our awfully amazing cardigans.