Handbags & Clutches

Hand Bags & Clutches for Women

Did you know that handbags can either make or break your style? An outfit is incomplete without the right handbag or clutch. This is an accessory which gives your outfit a complete look and often adds the missing element of glam to it.

At Sophie & Trey, you will find an amazing collection of women’s handbags and clutches. We have something which will match with almost every ensemble in your wardrobe.

Our collection of handbags for women has a lot of variety for you to choose from — we have affordable handbags that you can use on daily basis and we have some you can carry on special occasions.

A handbag speaks a lot about a woman’s sense of fashion, so be sure to pick the one that truly depicts your personality!

We have the classic shoulder handbags and some exquisite hand woven bags that are the It-Bags. Our snake skin along with suede phoulder bag is quite popular among young women. Scroll through our collection and select your favorites right away.

We also have a range of beautiful clutch bags available in different designs and colors. From causal to formal — we have a different design for every occasion.

Want to stay ahead in fashion? A clutch purse in the nook of your arms is something that’s trendy. They are small, handy and easy to carry around. When you only have a cell phone and a lipstick to carry, then a clutch purse is a perfect choice.

Our women clutch purses are gorgeous and unique, so you can have a non-cliché designed accessory every time you go out. We also want all women to have something from our store online, that is why our prices are affordable and you’ll find some inexpensive clutch purses in our collection.

Clutch purses are ideal for all occasions — from boardrooms to coffee shops to bowtie parties. Our affordable purses have many option for you to choose from. You can find something for causal hangouts as well as for formal events.

Looking for something glamorous for parties, but not so expensive? Have a look at our range of silver clutch purses under $20. These are classy, elegant and add to your style decadence.

Hurry up ladies! Find yourself some great handbags and clutches from Sophie and Trey to pair them with your favorite outfits.