Hats, Hats and More Hats

If you are a girl who loves hats, then you are in the right place to shop. At Sophie & Trey, we offer a wide range of hats for women. We have an extensive variety of hats — for function and fashion, both.

Wearing a right hat for the right occasion is a bit tricky and you wouldn’t want to wear the same hat again and again. Look through our range of hats and pick the one’s that come in handy.

Are you a fan of baseball? Or do you just like baseball hats? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you will be happy to know that out store offers some great baseball caps for women. We have them in many different colors and designs. So next time you go watch a baseball match, upgrade your look by wearing one of our baseball hats. The sizes are adjustable, so they can fit right on all head shapes.

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Need something to keep your ears warm in winters? Look at our collection of winter hats for women. These are perfect to keep your head warm and are a great head gear for the cold season.

Beanie hats are quite popular in this category — they look great on everyone and give that extra winter touch to your warm clothing. We have some great designs in our collection of beanie hats for women; like pom pom beanie hats, striped beanie, fuzzy lines beanie, and many more.

We have also got something for the sunny days — the popular sun hats which everybody loves. They just don’t protect you from the sun, but they also look quite classy.

Have you ever looked at Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman wearing a sun hat and wondered how chic she looked? Well, you can look the same. Get something from our wide collection of sun hats for women. We have them in many colors and designs — all classy and trendy for today’s woman. In this category our straw hats for women are also very popular, so have a look and get what you love the most.

Another cool hat to add to your collection are dad hats — they are ideal for a laid-back style. These hats are easy to wear and are a perfect accessory to make your summers lighthearted. We have them in some great colors and designs for you to pick from.

Besides a great collection of hats, we also have headbands for women Our most popular ones are in ribbon and crystal. These headbands are designed for the classy women as they add glamour to your look.

A headband is an ideal choice for girls who are always eager to make their hairdo look good. Add this to your style and you are ready to set hearts on fire.

We also have a variety of hair clips for women — from simple to elegant you’ll find all kind of hair clips in our store online. If you are a fan of fancy hair clips, then take a look at our crystal hair clips; they’re affordable and a great addition for your collection.