Killing It with Them Heels!

Who doesn’t love heels? Long, sleek, high heels are a blessing for women wanting to look tall and gorgeous. This style of shoes work as a formal footwear and are ideal to game up your glamorous style. A woman’s confidence, stature, hop sway; everything becomes bigger and better with the right pair of heels.

High heels have a special place in every woman’s heart. Want some for your fashion wardrobe? Buckle up and have a look at our collection of heels for women at Sophie & Trey. Heels are powerful — they make those heads turn, men smirk and women gasp when you step out in one of these.

We have a variety of shoes, but the most popular ones are high heels. The taller the size of the heel, the classier and sexier it looks. Although pulling off a high heel is not easy for everyone, but if you do a good job at rocking a 6-inch heel, then you are a woman with great ambition.

Whether it’s suits or skirts or denims, wearing statement heels will help you nail your outfit. You would love some of the designs in our store online. Our high heels for women are available for all sorts of occasions — from formal parties to glamourous ball nights.

If you are looking for something sexy but not too sleek, then we suggest you take a look at our 3 inch heels. They are more comfortable and practical in wearability. This size is perfect enough to make you feel good about yourself and is also easy to walk in.

Our different styles of heels include, open toe heels. They are simple and easy to breathe in and a perfect foot wear for the summers. There are peep-toe heels — they have an opening at the toe-box which allows the toes to show and be used as both formal wear and party wear. Pointed toe heels are comfortable and an ideal choice for professional wear.

Our strappy heels are also one design that you cannot ignore; they are a trendy choice for parties and make for a good option when you are looking for something chic.

Ankle strap heels are one of the most popular choice these days — this design goes back to 1920’s but is still in fashion. This style features a pointed toe with a strap that reaches toward the ankle from the center of the toe to a horizontal strap circling the ankle. You can wear them when going on a romantic rendezvous or at an office party.

Another popular heels are the nude heels. They have gained a lot of popularity over the years and now you can see everyone wearing them — from celebrities to the girl next door. The reason? You can pair them up with any ensemble.

At Sophie & Trey, you will find some gorgeous nude heels, in different designs, styles and sizes.

Heels are pure love! It is said that women in heels feel more confident about themselves. It gives a more feminine feeling and makes you feel powerful. So if you want to feel sexy, rebellious or powerful, shop your favorite pairs on our store online.