Intimates to Fall in Love With

There’s nothing as hot as a women’s sexy lingerie. Intimates play an essential part in every woman’s life and wardrobe. Even though you wear them underneath your clothes, they play a role in bringing that perfect look to an outfit.

Want to spice up your life? At Sophie & Trey, we offer a wide variety of women’s intimates — from women bra to panty, there are sexy and sporty designs that are in store for you.

Let’s start with our popular tube top dress. This comes under the category of intimate clothing but is often worn as a blouse. There is something that is provocatively alluring about these tops — they are casual, simple and sexy.

You can wear them with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. To make the look classy, pair it with a leather jacket. We have tube tops in different colors and the ones in black and white are a must have for every girl’s wardrobe.

We also offer many different designs of tub tops; from cropped to seamless. A tube top dress is perfect for occasions where you want to keep it casual but also want to look extremely sexy. Want all eyes wander over you? Get a pick from our tube top collection.

Do you know that a lacey bra hugging your body instills confidence in you? Lingerie, whether bra or panty is more than mere fabric!

For something to enhance your bust line and give your breasts an uplift, select from our variety of silicone bra. These are 100% silicone made, safe to wear, and molded to fit all breast shapes. A silicone bra will make your life much easier.

Without a strap lying on your shoulders and back, this bra helps your breasts retain their natural shape and provides ultimate comfort. It is perfect for the times when you want to wear a backless dress or low neckline.

For women who are into sports and fitness, we have some of the best sports bras in our collection. If you are a girl who works out or plays a sport, it is important that you wear a sports bra so that your breasts don’t sag. Without it, you can cause damage to your breast tissue that can further force your breasts to drop and sag.

Have you ever felt awkward by the jiggling of your bust when running? While exercising or playing sports, you must minimize the bounce of your breasts. With the help of a sports bra, you can do that up to 83% and keep your breasts in good shape.

We have some sexy sports bra for those who like to rock their look at the gym or at the field. You’ll find many options in different colors and designs.

A popular addition to our intimate collection are the nipple covers. These are made from soft silicon to give your breasts a natural and attractive look and help in hiding protruding nipples. If you are a girl who hates wearing a bra, then nipple covers are the best choice for you. These are ideal to wear under thin fabrics and tight clothing.

If you want a smooth look and don’t like to showcase your nipples from beneath the shirt or dress you’re wearing, there are seamless nipple covers available in different body size.

Apart from bras, you will find a variety of gorgeous panties at Sophie and Trey. We have all sizes available to fit every woman’s needs. The most popular ones are the lace underwear. They are extremely attractive and comfortable too. We offer them in different colors and designs, so you have a different style to wear every time.

Have a look at our stock of lace panties and purchase the ones you like, but you are likely to fall in love with them all.