Leg It Up with Your Leggings

Are you looking for leggings that will support your unorthodox yoga splits or help with back-to-back tactics at gym without stripping awkwardly in the middle and that too, in public?

Well, your athleisure just got a little more interesting. We – Sophie and Trey – have introduced an entire collection of leggings that will make those yoga sprints and splits seem less arduous and uncalled for.

Ranging from mesh active leggings to those set in faux leather for that exotic opaqueness, our collection comprises of tights for women that aren’t just sexy — but comfortable.

Our leggings for women are not only trendy but also consist of features that set them apart from your ripped tights at home. They are stretchable so that you can work out in peace and also allow your tired self to breathe due to its sheer and spandex fabric.

Every girl needs to go on a pampering spree with her best friend to a spa or salon that helps them unwind of their day-to-day work blues with utmost relaxation. While you’re stretched on a deck chair or a lounging chair inside the spa, you’d need the perfect pair of women’s leggings as well.

If you’re planning to go for a getaway without a pair of leggings, stop right there before you commit one of the biggest sins known to the fashion police.

At Sophie and Trey, we take pride in providing you with ample pairs of cute leggings that are either plain or printed with explosive patterns.

Buy our explosive love or galaxy printed leggings and pair them with a perfect t-shirt or tank top for a relaxing yoga session at home. Our tights might be inexpensive but our cheap leggings will always accompany you till you decide to break free from your work outs.

Before you dab on some mascara and put on a halter top or a long, white button-down shirt for your weekend nightlife ritual, we would like to take you on a little apparel wardrobe tour.

We’d like you to visit our collection of opaque tights and faux leather leggings so that when you go out this weekend, you can set the floor on fire.

Our tights can be considered as the best leggings for women mainly because they can be paired with any top whether it is a t-shirt, tank top, halter-neck or button-down shirt. They are also comfortable and give you a sense to pull off that carefree yet sexy attitude while outdoors.

Our cute leggings also come in an assortment of colors. From burgundy to forest green — these cool leggings are not only stretchable but also high-waisted, so that they can facilitate your workouts or casual hang-outs by grasping your trunk and legs tightly.

If you’re confused what to wear to your next girls’ night out, then go for our faux leather leggings and pair them with wedges or your high heels over a little black dress.

Support our mesh tights during a workout with a bralette, sports bra or tank top; and pair them with your sneakers for the perfect yet complete athleisure look.

Sophie & Trey plans on making your wardrobe complete with styles that will never go out of fashion — even if that requires you to swim in trends that are vintage and were supposedly forgotten once.