Long Sleeves

Long Sleeves Dresses and More

When it comes to choosing the right outfit, there are a lot of things that come into consideration like color, style, or pattern. One thing that isn’t much talked about is the length of the sleeves. Trust us when we say the size of the sleeves can make a lot of different to an outfit.

Small sleeves have a plenty of styles to go-to and you can pair them up with many things. Long sleeves are a perfect option for all those occasions when don’t want to bare your arms either because of cold or extreme sunlight to avoid tan.

There are many situations when long sleeves outfit come in handy. At Sophie & Trey we offer a large variety of long sleeves outfits – both formal and casual, from tops to dresses and from sweaters to coats.

Are you looking for a dress that is ideal for a formal event, something which is equally classy and sexy? Have a look at our collection of long sleeve dresses. A long sleeve dress looks elegant — it’s a great option for not only winters but all other seasons and it looks good on all body types.

We have a variety of colors, patterns and designs of long sleeve dresses, but the two colors we recommend every woman to have in their wardrobe are black and white.

A long sleeve white dress is perfect for parties and events, especially during the day. A white dress is easy to pair up with any other colored clothes or accessories. A long sleeve white dress paired with a jacket can make for a beautiful outfit in winters.

In summers, you can wear it with fitted leggings. You can also look for a white, sheath dress with lace sleeves.

Heard of a little black dress? A long sleeve black dress is also a must-have. This color is classy and perfect for formal occasions, especially the ones at night.

A black dress can be worn at so many different events, from parties to funerals to boardroom. You can add glamor to this dress by wearing bold accessories or putting up red lipstick. It makes all body shapes look good and also hides any extra weight.

A perfect dress for the winters season is a sweater dress. If you haven’t got one in your wardrobe, then have a look at our collection online. A sweater dress makes up for a great casual outfit for the cold season, with its long sleeves. The material is mostly wool or cashmere to prevent you from catching cold.

If you want something for an event which is a bit formal, then choose something from our wide range of long sleeve sweater dresses. They have become quite popular over the years; you can wear them solo or pair them up with leggings or a jacket. A black sweater dress is a must-have for your winter wardrobe.

Another elegant choice for chilly days is a trench coat. This is a stylish option for a coat — they are usually knee-length, double breast, and long sleeved. They are also worn on the rainy days as they are made of water proof material. At Sophie & Trey, you will find a variety of trench coats for women in different styles and colors.

Scroll through our collection and buy long sleeves outfits to up your comfort game.