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Dresses All the Way!

No matter what the fashion trends are, dresses are there to stay forever! These are versatile outfits that flatter all body types and occasions. With the summer season just around the corner, it’s time you welcome some dresses in your wardrobe.

To find the most perfect, chic, trendy and sexy dresses for women, look nowhere else but at Sophie & Trey. We have a wide variety of women’s dresses, in many different designs, patterns and colors. Have a look online and choose your perfect outfits for the season.

Start with our beautiful floral dresses. They have just the right vibe for the season — our floral dresses come in many different prints and colors that you’ll fall in love with. We have them in different designs making them perfect for different occasions. We have some gorgeous floral maxi dresses, some off-the shoulder designs, some floral wrap dresses, and many more.

Our long floral dresses are quite popular among women. They have an elegant and classy look — the fabric is light and airy and they are often available in loose fittings. A bit tighter around the waist, these dresses are ideal for petite women to accentuate their slim waistline.

If you love red, then you’ll definitely love our exquisite red floral dress. The color is vibrant and radiates decadence. You can wear it causally, when going out for coffee with friends. This style great for all body types as it can have any sleeve length or neckline. Want a dress in halter style or spaghetti strap? Decide, ladies!

Another trendy dress these days is the wrap dress. A wrap dress has a front closure which is formed by wrapping one side of the dress across the other side. It is either tied or closed by fastened buttons at the back or at the waist. Want to create an illusion of hourglass figure?

The great thing about a wrap dress is that it makes a prominent v-shaped neckline making you look sexier —adding a touch of provocation. Because its wrapped around your body, it makes your curves look good. We have many different options of wrap dresses at our online store.

If you are looking for a dress to wear at a wedding or a formal setting, we suggest you go for a lace dress or a ballgown. These are extremely classy and elegant and ideal for fancy evening parties. The lace material is extremely beautiful and comes in many different intricate designs and colors.

A romper style dress is another great outfit for the summers. The style is extremely chic and perfect for the modern girl of today. It can be worn on casual hangouts and parties and if you pair it up with some bold accessories, then you can pull off the look for nightclubs. Look at our collection to find some gorgeous, sexy rompers.

Want to have fun wearing off the shoulders outfits? Sophie & Trey is the perfect place for you to find yourself a beautiful off the shoulder dress. What we love about off-off-shoulders dresses is that they showcase your shoulders keeping the ruffle or sleeve on the bicep.

They look good on all body shapes and make you look sexy — if you don’t want to flaunt a strapless look. We have off the shoulder dresses in many different designs, from wrap to romper, and in different prints, from plain to floral.

You also need to have a look at our collection of long dress for women. They are available in many different designs, patterns, along with a palette of colors. A long dress is perfect for parties and lunch dates — they are trendy and look elegant on everyone.

Our dresses are available in all sizes and are made of material which is durable and comfortable. If you don’t want to wear a dress on repeat, come look at Sophie and Trey for an array of looks.