Put a Ring on it!

Rings matter! Besides the wedding or engagement rings, there are fashion rings that elevate your style statement. Do you love a beautiful ring, but can’t find anything unique? Then, worry no more! Sophie & trey offers the best rings for women.

All our designs are different from the cliché ones you see everywhere else. Scroll your way through our beautiful collection of rings and buy something gorgeous for yourself or for someone you love.

Can’t afford a real diamond ring? Not a problem. We offer some gorgeous diamond rings for women. If you still want you to wear them, there are rings that have diamond cut stones that can be the perfect substitute for diamond rings.

That is why we offer some beautiful deigns which are elegant and classy just like a real diamond. The great thing about our diamond rings is that they may actually look like an anniversary band. We have many designs—the stones are all set in different patterns to give a square or circular shape to the ring.

So if you have put a proposal on hold just because you can’t afford a real diamond, buy something from our collection, we promise if your girl loves you back she would love this ring as much.

We also have women rings called the love ring. This is design made for people in love. Deciding a gift for your girlfriend can be hard, but worry no more!

A love ring is an ideal gift for your girlfriend. It’s a jewelry piece, so any girl would love it and it is the perfect way of showing your love. We have the love rings in different deigns, so you have a variety to choose from.

Another popular design of rings is the stone ring — these rings have different beautiful stones engraved on the band. These rings are gorgeous and have different colored stones attached to them. You’ll look extremely sexy wearing a sapphire or a ruby or an emerald.

A stone ring also has personal value to many, as some stones are lucky for some people. If you believe in zodiac signs, then you must know there is a stone attached to every sign.

We have cluster rings or solitaire rings that can be worn on formal occasions. When heading for a glamorous party, you can wear fashion rings or contemporary rings to elevate your personal style.

We have a wide range of silver rings for women too that come in all sorts of designs — from causal wear to the ones you wear on special occasions like a party or a wedding. Take a look at our collection and we bet you will fall in love with it.