Scarves & Belts

Accessorize Yourself with Scarves & Belts

Accessories define You. They emphasize your preferences and personal style. Want to upgrade your accessory wardrobe? Then you have come to the right place.

At Sophie & trey we offer some of the most beautiful and sexy accessories for women. Our collection of women’s belts and scarves is something you cannot ignore. Scroll through them and buy the ones you love the most. We warn you though, you might buy it all!

Sometimes an outfit lacks just one accessory that can pull the entire look together — more often than not, it’s a belt. This one piece of accessory can sometimes add the missing glam to your outfit. These are perfect to pair up with dresses.

For topping off your shorts and tanks and for giving a complete look to your business suit, belts offer you unlimited opportunities with outfits. At Sophie & Trey, we offer different kinds of belts for women including skinny, woven, double buckle belt and many more.

Another accessory to up your fashion game are scarves. If you thought scarves were only for the chilly days, then think again. These are a perfect add-on to your outfits in warmer months as well.

Light weight scarves have now become the trend — they add more texture and color to your look. In our store online, you will find a variety of scarf options; from a pashmina scarf to an American flag scarf we have all kinds of designs and materials.

You either wrap them up, twist them into a head wrap or tie them around your waist. A blanket scarf has also gained popularity over the years. You can take a blanket scarf, fold it in half so that it forms a triangle and twist it around your neck. It is usually worn on colder days with a coat or jacket.

You also need to check out our collection of falsa blankets. These are the Mexican traditional striped weave blankets that are worn as a garment. Women usually wear them at the beach, to protect them from the sun or the cold breeze.

You can use it as a layering on chilly days to make yourself a bit warm. In our store online, you will find a variety of falsa blankets in many different subtle or hippie colors.

With the unlimited options in scarves and belts, get your hands on your favorite picks at Sophie and Trey!