Shift Dresses to Upgrade Your Style

You want to revisit some wardrobe staples? We, at Sophie & Trey, bring you versatile dresses that have a flattering style. Get back to the basics with a shift dress from our collection.

It’s a short dress that hangs from the shoulders. Shift clothing represented the free and revolutionary attitude of the youth and has been in fashion with some new iterations every now and then. Shift dresses are suitable for all body types — everyone can rock this outfit. It is usually worn alone, but you can also pair it up with stockings.

There are too many variations in a shift dress — they are mostly sleeveless, but we also have off-the-shoulder and short sleeve shift dresses in our collection. With a shift dress, minimalism is the key. It often has a simple boat neckline that adds to decadence and sophistication.

Our white shift dress is chic and seductive. White is a neutral color, so you can pair it with any other color and it will look good. A white shift dress is ideal for a lunch date or a casual hangout. For a bit formal setting, you can look for something in lace material from our collection.

We have white shift dresses in many different designs and patterns. Our white long sleeve dress is an elegant choice for the modern woman of today — it is classy, sexy and looks good on all body types. Pairing a belt with shift dress accentuates your feminine curves, causing an hourglass illusion of your figure.

Some women are particular about not showing their arms or shoulders when wearing a dress so for those women, we have some beautiful long sleeve dresses in-store online. A long sleeve dress is an elegant choice for an outfit — it gives a bit of a formal feel to the outfit and makes it ideal for many occasions including parties and dates.

You’ll find many colors in this category, including the classic black long sleeve dress. This color has a class attached to it — it is perfect for people who want to hide their extra fat, as black makes all body shapes appear sexy. A black long sleeve dress is ideal for a night out at the club or for glamorous parties.

Are you looking for classic solids? At Sophie & Trey, you will also find a beautiful collection of tunic dresses. We have them in different designs and patterns, including some gorgeous floral patterns perfect for the season.

A tunic dress looks good on women as it is simple in style. The design of the dress has lose fit, so whether you are thin or fat, you will always look good in a tunic dress. Tunic dresses mostly end mid-thigh so wearing them, your arms and legs will be bare.

The best thing about a shift dress or a tunic dress is that they have many manifestations. You can wear them in all seasons. In summers wear the dress with sandals; in the fall pair it up with boots and coats; in winters wear it with tights and sweaters; and in spring wear it with scarves and heels.

You can dress it up with a jacket and pearls. Make your look glamorous by wearing gloves and diamonds, and for a day at the beach, throw it over a bathing suit with flats or sneakers.