Sexy Shorts

When Shorts Are All You Wear

Shorts are the most comfortable piece of clothing. It’s suitable for all ages; People of all sizes can pull off their look in shorts. Want to avoid summer heat? Add shorts to your wardrobe!

The reason why shorts are so popular year round is because they are extremely comfortable to wear and look absolutely stunning at the same time. What more could you ask for?

Whether it’s breezy outside or you have to catch your train in this scorching summer heat, make shorts your best friend. The best part? They amplify the beauty of your attire.

Fortunately, there are tons of outfit ideas you can choose from to pick the perfect getup of your choice. Whether its high waisted jean shorts or linen shorts, read on as we guide you with some of our recommended choices of clothing that are going to look stunning with shorts on.

Give your style a more tailored look by wearing a dark fitted shirt with a blazer on, alongside your cut off shorts. The look has a sleek and stylish feel to it. Or, you can alternate the blazer with a denim jacket which can give off more of a chic look as compared to the first one.

Remember not to kill yourself over fashion— don’t layer up during summer as the heat can drive you crazy! Choose a jacket to wear only if it doesn’t make you feel too hot.

The plaid shorts have an interesting pattern that looks better on plain upper wear. What you need to focus on when buying tops for plaid shorts is the color of the shirt.

They work well with neutral or light colored shirts (such as black, grey, blue and white). Pair them up with casual button down light colored shirts to match with your choice of plaid shorts.

Distressed shorts are destroyed from the lower half of denim shorts and are not that different from cut off denims— the only mild difference is that these ones are more torn off in a disorderly manner. So it’s actually a great choice for those ones with a wild yet stunning sense of style.

White shorts with colorful tops is an excellent way to balance your outfit. It’s better to wear light, cool colors in summer because they do not absorb heat as compared to dark colors.

High waisted denim shorts are the most popular kind of shorts that are worn by many people of all sizes. Why? Because it reaches the top of your waist which hides the extra fat bulges on your sides and gives your torso a slender and elegant figure.

Denim is one popular category of clothing that never goes out of style. Almost everything is available in denim, jeans, shirts, skirts, shorts etc. Looking for denim shorts? Find them at Sophie and Trey.

There is a wide category of shorts available everywhere— it is up to you to decide which suits you best and which you are comfortable in.

Never forget that comfort comes before any clothing item. Being uncomfortable in what you wear may affect your confidence – you are more confident when you are comfortable.

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