Stylish and Pretty — Skirts Galore!

Do you love wearing skirts on those hot, summer days? Well, Sophie and Trey brings you with a mandatory news flash: it’s raining skirts here and we can’t seem to keep them contained within our shelves!

While we’re at it, we’ll throw in a surprise ticker as well: we have print maxi dresses too, that are lying all over the place and just can’t wait to go to a new home!

We take pride in providing you with contemporary attire to meet your everyday fashion needs. Fashion is a journey – more like a romantic getaway or a hostile voyage – that requires minimal upkeep throughout the way.

Before you cast off and settle down for a romantic sunset with your significant other, it is pivotal that you look your utter best in confident yet comfortable breezy attire.

Where else will you find comfort and confidence if not Sophie and Trey, anyway? Our skirts for women vary in styles, prints and fabric, and are exquisitely designed to address the needs of the modern fashionista. From long skirt outfits that women can wear to a day-time affair to pencil skirts that are the perfect choices for the chic, working woman — we have gotten you covered.

We gather that you’ve a busy, romantic night planned for the two of you in a week’s time and you’ve run into a hostile apparel emergency suddenly. While you were fidgeting with your already turned-down wardrobe for the umpteenth time, you may checkout our list of cute skirts that you might be interested to wear for your halter affair.

Our velvet skater skirt is like a dream come true — you can pair it with a strapless black shirt with a biker leather jacket drooped over your shoulders to claim that romantic night in style.

If you’re looking for something long yet sexy, then our maxi skirts might help you fulfill your desire to a tee. Svelte, sexy and subtle — our maxi dresses and velvet skirts have the power to put your partner in a daze and that too, without a break.

Tackling your day-to-day arduous job at work might be the reason why you’re over-worked and tired all the time. Have you considered switching to attire that is not only comfortable but also helps you walk the ranks in confidence? Our collection of pencil skirts that are not only fitted to hug your hips but are also designed to give you enough space to walk freely.

Want to set the mood and woo the dude? We know the pressure of meeting over for a cup of coffee with a new date. It might be exciting and thrilling, but it sure is nerve-wracking. Well, we know the struggle which is why you’d find casual ruffle skirts, a-line skirts and suede skater skirts to wear to your breakfast date.

If you plan on wooing your significant other a little too much, then shift to a scene at the beach and wear a wrap skirt to the casual shindig. From flowy short wrap skirts to floral long skirts for women, our collection will add immense value to your wardrobe by acting as a much-awaited upgrade.

Our collection is exhausted with short miniskirts and long midi skirts that are not only cute, but also perfect for a casual or exotic affair. With our skirts, you wouldn’t have to head towards another shopping extravaganza and bring wasteful bags of clothing that you wouldn’t consider wearing twice.

At Sophie and Trey, you’d not only find versatility, but also an inkling of hope and pride that you’d be definitely ready to cash on indefinitely.