Much Hyped Sneakers for Women

Want your style to be all chunky and pumped up? Familiarize yourself with sneaker culture.

There was a time when sneakers were only considered athletic shoes but now, with all the stylish designs, they have become a popular casual wear. If you are a fan of sneakers and looking for some chic designs, then you are in the right place.

At Sophie & Trey, we offer a variety of sneakers for women — from sporty to casual, you’ll find a wide range of styles, designs and colors to choose from.

Our women sneakers are a go-to staple for ladies, especially celebrities. Our collection of sneakers come in different colors, plain or printed designs. You can pair them up with your casual outfits and they are very comfortable for long walks.

We have sneakers in different materials like leather and wool. Our low rise sneakers with laces are an ideal choice for school/college going girls.

White sneakers have gained popularity over the years — the color is a neutral so the sneakers can be paired up with any clothing ensemble. Whether you’re wearing long maxis or jumpsuits or linen trousers, white sneakers can be worn with any outfit.

In our store online, you will find a variety of white sneakers for women in different designs and styles. All our designs upgrade with the changing trend in fashion, so you will always find what’s new.

Looking for a pair of sneakers that aren’t so cliché? Have a look at our high top sneakers for women. A high top is a style of sneakers that extends slightly over the ankle. They are comfortable to wear and are popularly used as athletic shoes. At Sophie & Trey, you will find a variety of designs and colors in this category.

Though many women prefer wearing sneakers barefoot, it is recommended that you wear socks with them. In our store online you will find many options of women socks. The ones that go best with sneakers are ankle socks or no-show socks.

No-show socks for women are the ones that aren’t visible, so if you don’t like to show that you are wearing socks, then these are ideal for you. Nude socks are also a good choice of socks; you can find a variety of colors to match with your skin tone.

Have a look at our collection of sneakers and choose your favorite ones right away.