Sunglasses – Wear Them Right!

With summers just around the corner, its time you let your hands and legs go bare, but not your eyes. While you tan up the rest of your body in the scorching sun, keep your eyes protected with a pair of trendy sunglasses.

At Sophie & Trey, we have just the right selection of sunglasses for women. We have them in many different designs and colors for you to choose from. So hurry up and get yourself a pair of sunglasses for this summer.

From classic to chic, you will find all types of sunglasses in our store online. If you want to go for something that adds to sophistication and looks good on every face type, then we recommend you to have a look at our collection of aviator sunglasses for women.

This design has been in fashion for many years, but it still is film star favorite. It has got an elegant touch to it and suits almost everyone, especially bold women. Our aviator glasses are a must-have for any woman wanting to look both sexy and classy.

We also have designs like, square cat eyes sunglasses, classic wayfarers, geometric cat eyes, bold eye sunnies and many more to add life to your glamorous style.

Popular among these are the round sunglasses, especially among the youth. These sunglasses add retro flair to your ensemble.

This trend has been going on for a while now and is ideal for people looking for sunglasses which aren’t cliché. The round sunglasses we design are fashionable and durable. They provide outstanding balance and comfort.

Another one of our popular designs are black sunglasses with gold trim. The color black is one of the most preferred one, when it comes to accessories like sunglasses. This color looks good on every skin tone and compliments whatever outfit you wear.

Our black sunglasses with a touch of gold in it, are a beautiful and elegant choice, especially to soften a chiseled face.

Want to look smashing in sunglasses? Get your hands on our iconic pieces to reinvent your style.