Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Sweaters for All the Right Reasons

Are you tired of seeing the same old boring designs of sweaters everywhere? Well, worry no more! At Sophie & Trey, we offer a variety of sweaters for women like no other. Our designs are beautiful and modern, just like the women of today.

Our collection has everything — from decent plain to funky printed designs and hooded to long sweaters. Scroll through our shop online and find some classy or chic sweaters for your wardrobe.

One style which will never go out of fashion is long sweaters. This style has been around for many years and is still top favorite among women. A long sweater lengthy enough to hit your knee, making it a perfect length for all body shapes.

You can wear this style of sweater causally on daily basis or you can glam it up with some bold accessories and wear it to formal occasions. We have some great options of long sweaters in different colors, styles and designs.

If you love pockets, then have a look at our long sweater with pockets. This design is quite popular among young women as pockets give you more space to carry your belongings. Also, when going out for a stroll in cold, just put on your boots and long sweater and place your hands in those pockets to stay warm.

Another classic is the knit sweater. If you think a knit sweater is simply old school, then you are very wrong. Apart from the grandma style, this sweater has various designs including cropped silhouettes or swingy front, etc. A knit sweater is classy, decent and just the perfect piece of clothing for cold days.

We also have a variety of sweater outfits. These are great for winter parties or cold nights at the club and even make a great choice for romantic dates. A sweater outfit looks great on all body types and keeps you warm without having to layer yourself with many clothes.

You will find some of the best sweaters at Sophie & Trey, in terms of design, style and even colors. One of our most popular color in sweaters is grey. A grey sweater is a neutral staple, which means that you can easily pair it up with different bottom outfits. You can pair it up with jeans or high-waist pants.

This sweater compliments all skin tones so it will look good on everyone. Heathered grey is a beautiful sweater — it is an elegant color and compliments other hues.

The best thing about our sweaters is their comfort and durability. We believe in making our clients feel comfortable in whatever they wear. Our comfy sweaters are made of the best quality material. We have sweaters in different sizes for all body types.

Our collection has been made with a vision, that every woman regardless of class, is able to buy from us. That is why our prices are affordable — we have cheap sweaters which are high in quality and low in price, because every girl deserves to look good!